Join the celebration as neoRhino IT Solutions commemorates their 20th Anniversary!

Twenty years ago, our owner founded neoRhino with a passion for creating a culture that presents a more human, sociable, and caring side to the IT business while providing swift, professional and affordable solutions for our clients and hopefuls. Oh, what a difference two decades makes!

We want to thank all of you that have allowed us to serve the Houston area's IT needs for the past two decades and for helping us grow from a dream to a reality. Here's a video that we made to commemorate and thank you for 20 years of excellence:

Leading up to the anniversary date we also posted daily factoids about our company that you can now see in full here:

The party may be over but our celebration still rolls on for neoRhino's 20th Anniversary. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, or stay tuned to our Events page as we continue with more milestones, fun facts, and more to celebrate 20 years of being Houston's most unique & proficient IT crash, I mean, team!

First time here? Click here to learn more about what neoRhino can do to solve the IT needs of your business.

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