December 2017 – 4 Sneaky Tricks Cybercriminals Use to Hack Your Computer

The battle against cybercrime is never won. The techniques and software used by hackers are always evolving – and it’s almost a statistical guarantee that hackers will target your business at some point. Question is, will you be ready?

In this issue, we expose 4 of the favorite tricks digital thieves use to infiltrate company networks like yours. Cyberattacks on massive corporations like Equifax and JPMorgan may grab the headlines, but they aren’t the only ones being targeted day in and day out. It’s small businesses just like yours. Information is your best defense!

November 2017 – Natural Disasters Can Destroy, But Your Data is Safe if It’s in the Cloud

Did you know that 60% of small businesses shut down in the six months following a cyber-attack?
Scary, huh? But there’s a simple way to avoid being one of them. Cheap, questionable security solutions simply won’t be enough to protect your company and firms like yours are cybercriminals’ primary target.

Humans are resilient – as this year’s devastating hurricane season has shown. But if you want your company to survive a natural disaster, you’d better make sure your data is too. In this month’s issue, we give you some insight on how the right level of data protection can keep you and your business safe.

October 2017 – Skimp on Data Protection and Pay the Price

We’ve said it numerous times: today’s cybercriminals are using more advanced technology than ever. Firms like yours are cybercriminals’ primary target. Which means cheap, questionable security solutions simply won’t be enough to protect your company.

In this month’s issue, we paint the picture on possible scenarios that could happen through a combination of not thinking that your small business is a threat to cyber-crime, the fallacies of not having a strong data protection practice in place, and how you and your business can stay safe.

September 2017 – 7 Critical IT Security Measures Every Business Must Have in Place NOW

Extremely dangerous and well-funded cybercrime rings are using sophisticated software systems to hack into thousands of small businesses like yours to steal credit cards, client information, and swindle money directly out of your bank account. Are you thinking that because you’re “small” means you’re not a target?

In this month’s issue, we break down seven IT protection procedures that every business needs to be executing with diligence to ensure your business, along with all its financial and personal data, are kept safe. You might be surprised at what the #1 threat is!

August 2017 – The ONE Thing You Must Do to Keep Your Data Safe in the Cloud

Cloud storage companies may claim to have top-of-the-line security measures, but your data could still be at risk. Here’s a nail-biting thought: if the cloud data storage company you use is compromised (and it happens fairly often), how can you be sure your data is secure?

The bottom line is – you can’t … unless you take care of it yourself.

There’s a multitude of ways your data can be compromised. In this month’s issue, we reveal the top solution to your security concerns: one action that can help you breathe easier about utilizing a cloud storage solution for your company's data.

July 2017 – The Most Common Ways Hackers Access Your Network

Small businesses like yours have become a prime target for hackers to steal credit cards, swipe client information and swindle money directly out of your bank account. The National Cyber Security Alliance reports that one in five small businesses have been victims of cybercrime in the last year.

In this month’s issue, we provide you with 10 key vulnerabilities to keep a watchful eye on that could put your business in the cross-hairs of a deviant. More than half of all cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses. It’s critical that you protect yourself.

June 2017 – The Hidden Dangers of “Shadow IT” to Your Business

Shadow IT” can open up a whole security can of worms for your business. It’s all that technology your employees use that isn’t part of your official plan – and that could be a lot! You don’t control the technology so you may not know where important information is, what work’s being done, or you could be duplicating efforts… making it even harder to manage employee productivity.

In this month’s issue, we explain what makes up Shadow IT and shine a light on the potential risks – some you probably don’t even know are happening. Get a grip on it and cover those gaps!

May 2017 - 4 E-mails You Should NEVER Open

No matter how secure you make your network, it’s all for nothing if you invite hackers in. This is exactly what happens with “phishing” e-mails; they are a free pass for ill-intended coders to walk into your business and steal your hard-earned info. And it’s through exploiting what could be a simple mistake.

That urgent e-mail from the IRS… Your bank account requesting verification… Or perhaps what looks to be an invoice that SO convinces you to pay…. In this issue, we call out 4 warning signs that you and your employees could be a phishing target and how to protect yourself, before it’s too late.

April 2017 – 4 Must-Have, Low-Risk Cloud Solutions

Your business has more competition than ever. They can eat you alive if you fall behind in today’s technology “arms race.” If you aren’t aware of what’s out there, it’s just that much easier for competitors to pull ahead by maximizing the potentials of cloud solutions.

In this month’s issue, we put our heads in the “cloud” and survey four ways for you to have the most secure, yet beneficial experience through cloud solutions as well as provide examples of each.

March 2017 – Network Abuse: Don’t Push Your 'Luck'

Between employee BYOD policies and ever more complex cyberthreats, unfiltered content on your network is like a free pass for cybercriminals. It often links to malware and other threats – and that can cost your company big-time. Old content-filtering models may have kept your network safe in the past, but not anymore. So how and what exactly should you filter to keep your company secure?

In this issue, we cover what mistakes could make your network a “sitting duck” and how to PROACTIVELY defend your network with proper endpoint content filtering instead of frantically putting out network security fires.

February 2017 – Cloud Computing: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Moving your data to the cloud can offer big payoffs: cost savings, increased efficiency, greater flexibility … Chances are most of the software you’re using now is cloud-based, but what about putting your company’s data in the cloud? So, to get the most from the cloud, you need to know how to tackle the pitfalls.

In this issue, we look at cloud computing’s key pros and cons – and what it could mean for your company. Cloud computing offers powerful advantages, but along with the attractions come some big downsides and we share what they are and how to guard against them.

Know your options!

January 2017 – Your #1 MUST-DO Resolution For 2017

Data is at the heart of your business. But what is the #1 cause of data breaches? You guessed it – human error. No wonder ransomware attacks are on the rise. Cybercriminals are raking in billions (that’s right, BILLIONS) from targeting the unwary and poorly protected. Small businesses like yours and mine are a particular target.

In this issue, we show the extremely simple solution to have in place to protect your company and its valuable data. A single ransomware assault could wipe your company out in a matter of minutes… unless you have a cast-iron backup and recovery plan in place.

Stay safe in 2017!

Newsletters 2016

December 2016 – Why Cyberthugs LOVE Your Business

It was once a successful online retailer… but six months later the company had to shut its doors, strangled by a lack of sales and cashflow. Yet, it could so easily have been prevented. Just one click was all it took for the Cryptowall malware to take hold. There are over 4,000 cyberattacks every day – and a whopping 62% hit small businesses, just like yours.

Don’t be a target. This month’s issue covers what makes small businesses such alluring prey for cyberthugs and the 4 actions you can take to prevent your business from being under lockdown.

November 2016 – Winter 2017: Disaster For Your Data

The season is changing… While you may be preparing for the holidays outside of the office, you still have a business to run, and natural disasters can still take their nasty tolls on your valuable data. Can you keep your mission critical data and communications safe and accessible, whatever the weather?

In this month’s newsletter, our 5 simple steps for winter data preparation can help you make sure nothing is left out in the cold.

October 2016 – The One Attack No Tech Can Stop

You’ve got all the latest and best cyber protection technology in place – but you’re still not safe. If just one team member gets tricked by a social engineering scam, it’s game over. The honest truth is there aren’t any fancy tools that will automatically prevent a clever “social engineer” from breaking in to your firm. In this issue, we reveal 5 social engineering scams and how to guard against them.

September 2016 – Lost Employee Smartphone? Do this NOW!

Almost everyone swears by their smartphones these days. They’re great … until one gets lost or stolen. It’s bound to happen – the day one of your employees loses their company smartphone. It’s covered by insurance, so no big deal, right? The damage can go way deeper than that. In this month’s issue, we provide you 7 invaluable steps you need to take before your company-sensitive information is potentially at risk from a lost smartphone.

August 2016 – Employees Keeping Your Data Safe? Don’t Count On It

One of the greatest methods of empowering your employees to keep your company’s data safe is by proper teaching of cybersecurity. However, it is a practice that is often overlooked in many organizations. Without the proper cybersecurity awareness, disastrous results can happen in an instant, including company closures. In this issue, we cover five different ways that your employees could be putting your company at risk of a cyber-attack and how to combat them.

July 2016 – Navigating the Cloud: Gold Mine…Or Minefield?

Is the cloud a good fit for your company or not? With so many companies migrating their data to a cloud environment, it can be overwhelming when considering the level of security and the seemingly endless variety of options. In this issue, we breakdown three major things to consider if moving to the cloud, what is the difference between a Private and Public Network, and what your best options can be.

June 2016 – The #1 Cure For A Sluggish PC

If your computer or network is running at a snail’s pace, it takes abnormally long for a program to load, or that Blue Screen of Death with a frowning face emoticon is too familiar to you, it may be time for a tune-up or replacement. This issue covers what are symptoms of a sluggish PC and some of the steps we take to get your PC & network running optimally again.

May 2016 – Your #1 Data Security Threat (And How To Defeat It)

What is your top security threat right now? It may not be as a complex as you think. Spam (junk e-mail, not the food) may be your data’s greatest threat and can do massive damage in an instant. This month’s issue offers some insight on how spam emails with harmful, yet familiar attachments can easily fool the untrained eye, and the 4 ways that you and your IT company can “FITE” back.

April 2016 – Will Your Backups Be There When You Need Them?

Do you feel that your backup system is 100% reliable? If you are unsure in any way, it probably is not, and this month’s issue will be an excellent help for you. We detail the 7 best ways to avoid disaster due to a backup failure and what really is the smartest way to assure success in your backup system.

March 2016 – Your Luckiest Move This Year

Having a Bring Your Own Device policy (or BYOD) has become common in the workplace, but implementing your employees’ owned devices can bring a big security risk to your network. This issue defines what “Web Content Filtering” is and provides best practices for allocating these devices without the fear of security loss.

February 2016 – Why Slackers Love Tech

Slackers absolutely love technology and the multitude of distractions that come along with it. In this issue, we showcase what could happen when you take a closer look at what exactly your less scrupulous employees are doing with their time, what to do to keep morale and productivity up and how to keep your company’s data protected.

January 2016 – 3 Office Move Blunders That Will Stress You Out

In this issue, we cover how to avoid the three major mistakes and the stress that comes when migrating your office’s network infrastructure to a new location, trying to do the task yourself or worse off, hiring the wrong IT firm to move your network.