What does it mean to #BeCyberSmart?

It is the concept of protecting your online footprint. Even "minor" mistakes can lead to major consequences. October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) and this year's theme is "Own IT. Secure IT. Protect IT." neoRhino is a NCSAM Champion, so this this month we are here to provide blogs, helpful tips, and videos via our YouTube channel so you can #BeCyberSmart too.

- Own IT. -

1. Take Safe Online Measures. How safe are you on social media? Before you post that picture of today's lunch or tweet about your day, slow your scroll and read this blog about 12 tips for Staying Safe on Social Media.

2. Know Your Privacy Settings. How much of you is online? Privacy settings control what programs, apps, and websites have access to your profile. We provide a quick guide on privacy settings for most platforms in this blog.

3. Be Familiar with App Permissions. Why would a flashlight app need access to your contacts? Mobile app permissions are important for your online safety, and we break down what app permissions are and what to look out for in this blog.

- Secure IT. -

4. Protect Your Passwords. What makes a strong password? Should you use a password manager? These questions answered and more tips on secure password creation in this blog.

5. Don't Get Caught on a Phishing Hook. Phishing is a huge problem in the world of cyber security today. We define what phishing is, cover the more common types of phishing, and how reach to the optimum level of protection that a business needs in this blog.

6. Shop Smart, Browse Smarter. Online shopping is deeply engraved in our lifestyles but no hot deal is worth putting your online security at risk. Our team provides you 10 Tips for Online Shopping Safety in this blog.

- Protect IT. -

7. Check Before You Connect. If you must connect to a Public Wi-Fi hotspot while you are out, take extra caution! Hackers could easily snipe your sensitive information. Here are 10 easy steps for Public Wi-Fi safety in this blog.

8. Protect Your Company Data at All Times. It's 2019. Do you know what your data privacy policy entails? In this blog, we'll take you through 5 key principles to protecting your customer’s data, what kind of impact can occur without a plan in place, and the importance of protecting your PII (Personally Identifiable Information).

9. Keep Your Software Updated, Especially if it is End of Life (EOL). Windows 7 EOL is coming, but it's not the only software that needs to be updated for security reasons. Our final blog for National Cyber Security Month covers 5 reasons why you need to keep your software updated and the dangers of working with a device that is EOL.

neoRhino is here to help your small business stay #CyberAware in today's ever-changing cyber climate. Give us a call at (281) 779-4850, and we can help manage your technology so you can handle your business.

Stay vigilant! For more information on how to protect yourself from a cyber-attack, visit our War on Cybersecurity page.