Did you know that malware accounts for 20% of all security incidents?

And that’s just one threat! Your data, no matter how proactive you are from a security standpoint, is constantly vulnerable to a multitude of security threats, the list of which is constantly growing. From ransomware, worms and phishing attacks to human error, your data needs to have a multi-layer defense in place to not only prevent downtime but recover quickly in the event that disaster strikes.

The following are just a few staggering facts about just how vulnerable our systems are to attacks and outages:

  • According to Microsoft, the potential cost of cyber-crime to the global community is a $500 billion, and a data breach will cost the average company about $3.8 million!
  • A whopping 1 in 131 emails contain malware.
  • 230,000 new malware samples are produced every day, and that number is projected to continue growing.
  • It will take the average business about 197 days to detect a breach on their network.

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