As technology evolves, the capabilities of servers and software programs that are integral to business, evolve as well. Inevitably Server Hardware will need to be replaced and servers migrated. neoRhino can assist your business to make server and software migrations as efficient and seamless as possible.

Here are a few examples of Software/Server Migrations we offer to our clients:

Migrating from an On-Premise Exchange Server to Office 365.

Data centers can take a quite a bit of space, power, and resources to operate properly. The power costs, of running a server can be one of the biggest factors in daily operations. Migrating from onsite to the cloud-hosted Exchange on Office 365 will offload to Microsoft, the high electricity cost that comes with On-Premise servers.

While a cloud-based solution such as Office 365 may not be the right solution for everyone, neoRhino can help you determine if your office would benefit from Microsoft’s cloud-based services. neoRhino will provide a turnkey solution for migrating your client data from On-Premise servers to Microsoft’s Cloud.

Migrating from Windows Server 2008 to a Newer Version.

Your office may have a trusty server that has been there for several years. That server may not appear to have problems, but you want to consider upgrading to a new server before it’s too late. The Hardware life expectancy of a server is roughly 5-7 years and there are many offices that still operate on outdated servers. Windows Server 2008 is approaching End of Life and Windows Server 2003 is no longer supported by Microsoft.

Migrating from an older Windows Server version to a newer server version can be a daunting task, but can reap fantastic benefits. If it has been determined that your office needs to upgrade its Windows Server, neoRhino analyzes what steps need to be involved to migrate to the latest version of Windows Server. We will provide a seamless migration experience for you.

QuickBooks Data Migration to a new PC.

QuickBooks may seem like a simple application to move from one computer to another. After all, it’s just a software program, right? However, it is a process that when done incorrectly, could potentially put your company’s information at risk. Considering how integral accounting is, and how critical QuickBooks is to that process, the planning and proper migration, provided by an experienced consultant, is critical to your success. If you have a new server, or if new workstations need to have QuickBooks installed, contact neoRhino to provide experienced professional support.

It would be worth the peace of mind knowing that the transfer is in the right hands. neoRhino will take the proper time and care to ensure that QuickBooks is supported in your business is as seamlessly as possible.

Have a need to migrate to a new type of server or software implementation? Give us a call today!

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