When moving from one facility to the next, planning & streamlining your network implementation can help get your business back up and running more quickly. The process of migrating your network infrastructure and business systems to a whole new location can be a very daunting task. However, neoRhino has extensive experience with Office Moves and can create a specific plan of action for your business. Proper prior planning ensures your office move goes as smoothly as possible. Our strategy for Facility Migration is described in the steps below:

  • Assigning a Technology Lead: This includes documenting all physical set up to ensure that when the move is completed we can bring back all services seamlessly.
  • Coordinating Schedule: neoRhino will work with Client’s team to ensure proper scheduling has been taken into account to meet Client’s moving schedule.
  • Surveying the New Site: With the floor plan of the new site, neoRhino will survey the new area along with the Client to collaborate on each step to determine how best to proceed. Planning includes evaluation of current cabling, infrastructure, the desired location of equipment and workstations, server room placement and wireless connection capabilities.
  • Evaluate Current Equipment & Setup: neoRhino will evaluate Client’s current technology environment and help determine if it will fit the needs of the new location and evolving business. neoRhino provides assistance in planning future needs to scale Client’s network infrastructure. Items that are reviewed include improving: bandwidth, hardware consolidations that could save money, eliminating inefficiencies that affect productivity, providing vendor management, and assistance with implementation of a VoIP System that meets current business needs.
  • Gain confidence after the Move: After the move neoRhino creates a testing plan to ensure the new equipment and infrastructure is running smoothly, scheduling with your ISP and phone provider to be on-site the first day and developing an easy-to-execute resolution system for your employees if and when a problem should occur.

Need technology planning and cabling to be done before you move into your new facility? Give us a call today!

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