Take Control of Your Business with Remote Managed Services

neoRhino's Remote Managed Services (RMS) is an all-in-one security suite that once deployed offers a collection of tools to ensure that your workstation is actively monitored, protected and secured by neoRhino’s expert team of engineers and consultants.

Having a solution such as RMS protecting you and your employees is always a wise decision. Branch offices, telecommuters, off-site backup servers and in-house servers can all benefit. Users only need access to broadband internet and our Helpdesk Technicians can help resolve your technical issues, even halfway around the world.

Remote Managed Services can benefit anyone from the everyday desk associate, to the migrant workhorses on the go, to the CEO.

Implementing an RMS solution from neoRhino can provide:

  • Improved network security
  • Cost savings over in-house IT
  • Reducing internal staff stress
  • More proactive approach to IT
  • Better uptime

What are the key benefits of our Remote Managed Services package?

  • 24/7 Anti-Virus Protection: neoRhino RMS defends your computers with enterprise-level anti-virus protection and 24/7 monitoring to provide immediate support for network issues, minimize downtime, and reduce stress when your tech misbehaves or falls victim to a Malicious Attack. Expert neoRhino Helpdesk technicians are available by phone, email, online chat, and ticket system. RMS provides one-on-one online support to remotely resolve, document, and track individual cases from start to resolution.
  • Network Operation Center (NOC): neoRhino’s NOC service provides network performance reports such as your AV activity and backup health. Monthly detailed analytics are included and utilized to create preemptive solutions to any potential issues.
  • Patch & Update Management: Windows & Software updates are crucial in keeping your network secure. Working with an out-of-date workstation can leave your network open to vulnerabilities and potential intruders. neoRhino RMS includes Patch Management, in which software updates are tested before deployment to prevent issues from a faulty patch.
  • Security Awareness Training: neoRhino RMS also includes our Security Awareness Training at NO additional charge to educate and keep your organization in the know about today's online threats, ensuring your employees are less of a risk to your data.
  • Your Managed Service Provider: Our industry experts maintain the various vendor support of your IT infrastructure. As an MSP, neoRhino works with industry leaders in hardware, mobility, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and other tech providers. **

* Physical removal of workstation(s) may incur an additional fee.
** Contact your Account Manager for details.

Remote Managed Services saves you money by utilizing technology where daily, weekly and monthly IT tasks can be automated and scheduled to ensure everything is completed and reported consistently without fail. We provide proactive support that eliminates the need of calling and waiting for the “IT guy”. Potential issues and problems are prevented or resolved often within minutes instead of hours.

Further information about neoRhino Remote Managed Services:

Contact the technicians of neoRhino today at (281) 779-4850 today to see how our Remote Managed Services packages can help your business grow.

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