Want to know some handy tips about the daily technology needs of your business? Or perhaps some clarity about important tech topics such as Disaster Recovery and Cloud Services?

Then you'll enjoy neoRhino's Tech Tips video series, where two of our technicians, Sean and Chris, team up every two weeks to discuss various technology topics with knowledge and tips you can use to enhance your every day life involving technology.

Episode 1: What is Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery?

In the debut episode of Tech Tips, Sean & Chris break down what is Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery, what is the difference between the two, and why your business needs to have a plan in place. The depth of the topic is so vast that we had to make it a two-parter. What materials you should focus on? Cloud solutions? Backup options? Watch and learn all about it.

Episode 2: Backups, Backups, Backups - Cloud, Local, Hybrid & More

What makes up a good data backup solution? We'll cover the strengths & weaknesses of different types of backups and why it's so crucial for your business to have a managed backup solution in this episode. Today, today, today!

Episode 3: An Overview of HIPAA Compliance & TX HB 300

The anniversary of the establishment of HIPAA Compliance is here. Chris & Sean from the Tech Tips team invite neoRhino's HIPAA Coordinator & Expert, Megan, to join in and provide an overview about HIPAA Compliance and how your business may be a part of it.

In Part 2, the team introduces the TX HB300 law, and why it's even more crucial to abide by for Texas businesses that fall under HIPAA Compliance.

Episode 4: What is Ransomware?

How can you protect yourself from this type of malware that is spreading like wildfire? Chris and Sean give a thorough explanation of ransomware and how to keep your business safe from the malware threat in this episode.

Episode 5: 10 Tips for Natural Disaster Preparedness

Hurricane Season still presses on, and with recent natural disasters such as Tropical Storm Barry and Hurricane Dorian, you need to ensure you are prepared to handle the potential effects. Chris & Sean break down 10 simple ways to prepare yourself for a natural disaster, both at home and at the office.

Episode 6: Windows 7 EOL (End of Life) & Why You Should Upgrade

Chris & Sean talk about the Windows 7 End Of Life (or EOL) deadline and why it's important to prepare for upgrading to Windows 10. This is highly important for Windows 7 users, so be sure to watch!

Episode 7: What are Cloud Services?

Confused between what kind of Cloud Service to choose for your business? Whether it is public cloud, private cloud, or a hybrid cloud solution, in this video Chris & Sean define them and go over the pros and cons of each solution.

Episode 8: 10 Office Security Tips You Must Do

Chris and Sean provide 10 must-do tips to protect your office security, not only locally but also for cybersecurity as well. Avoid putting your company at risk with these simple steps.

Episode 9: Gone Phishing

Chris & Sean define what phishing is, cover the types of phishing, and how you can protect yourself. Don't get caught on the hook!

Episode 10: 10 Safe Browsing Tips You Need to Use Now

Safe browsing is a way of life in today's internet age, and Chris & Sean are here to provide 10 Safe Browsing tips you need to use now!

Episodes 11 & 12: Intrusion Types, Detection, & Prevention

Chris and Sean discuss what technology intrusion types you NEED to watch out for as well as steps you can take to detect as well as prevent a data breach attack on your business.

Episode 13: File Sharing - Office 365, DropBox, and More

Need to securely store and share your important files online? Chris and Sean define what File Sharing is, the different types of file sharing clients, and what are the most reliable solutions for storing your important documents online.

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