SQL is a relational database server developed by Microsoft.

So how does it work? –  SQL is a software product whose primary function is to store and retrieve data requested by other software applications or users. Data can be accessed on the Local Area Network or from Internet.

Most relational databases front-end applications support SQL as a backend database management software. Database administrators are often required to support databases across several different platforms. Relational databases use Graphical User Interfaces or GUI’s for easier database management, and queries can now be simplified with graphical tools such as drag-and-drop wizards.

What are some of the benefits of a Microsoft SQL Server?

  • Industry-leading OLTP: Build mission-critical applications for online transaction processing (OLTP) with breakthrough scalability, in-memory performance, and high availability.
  • Low Database Vulnerability: Protect data at rest and in motion with new Always Encrypted. SQL Server with is the least vulnerable database for six years running in the NIST vulnerabilities database.
  • End-to-End mobile BI: Transform data into actionable insights. Deliver insights on any device—online or offline—at one-fifth the cost of other business intelligence (BI) solutions
  • In-Database Advanced Analytics: Analyze operational data using R Services, in real time and at scale, directly within SQL Server database—without moving the data for analysis.
  • From On-Premises to Cloud: Whether data is in your datacenter, private cloud, or Microsoft Azure, get a consistent experience across server and database as a service.
  • High Performance and Scalability: SQL server provides industry-leading performance and scalability from a single server to entire data cluster farms.

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