Successful data breaches cause businesses of all sizes to lose millions of dollars at what feels like a daily basis. But what really happens during a data breach?

It may not seem to be a big deal for a small business owner, but should your organization be a victim of a data breach, it can be a huge problem. In 2018, Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report stated that 58% of all cyber-attacks target small businesses (SMBs). * If you are a SMB owner, you are a target.

Let’s break down how a breach happens with help from Bitdefender, which is one of the components of our Remote Managed Services (RMS) package:

What Happens During a Data Breach?

  1. Reconnaissance. The attacker seeks out a target and surveys their infrastructure for any exploitable vulnerabilities.
  2. Preparation. Attacks are devised to infect the target through viruses, worms, or other malware, and are aimed at found vulnerabilities.
  3. Delivery. The weaponized malware is sent to the target through phishing attempts, phony websites or dangerous USB drives.
  4. Exploitation. The exploitation of the vulnerability begins, executing malicious code in the compromised system to gain entry.
  5. Installation. Backdoor malware threats are installed to give access to the endpoint by the attacker.
  6. Infiltration. Infrastructure is now compromised, and the hacker gains a persistent foothold on the network, allowing backdoor access to the endpoint for remote control.
  7. Invasion. The breach begins as the hacker extracts, destroys, and/or encrypts personal data from the entire network, freezing access. The attacker can also hold your data for ransom with no guarantee of access after payment.

Juniper Research predicts that by 2023, cyber-criminals will steal an expected 33 billion records, and more than half of the world’s data breaches will occur in the United States. ** Don’t let your business become one of those statistics.

Breach detection is part of our security packages at neoRhino, so having the proper DEFENSE in place is vital to keeping your business safe. A proactive detection service along with maintained backups to roll back is a strong combination in keeping your business safe from a data breach.

neoRhino’s Remote Managed Services and Advanced Security Packages are here so you can focus on your daily duties. You can relax knowing that we are here to protect you. Call us at (281) 779-4850 for a FREE consultation and we can help your business today.


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