Today we celebrate the 7th birthday of Andatu, a Sumatran rhino that neoRhino's owner is a proud sponsor of. But he's not just any average rhino... after a 16 month labor process from his mother, Ratu, on June 23rd, 2012, he was the first Sumatran rhino to be born at an Asian facility in over 120 years and only the fifth ever born in captivity worldwide! He was a big boy too, weighing in at about 60 pounds, and his given name means "gift from God." By July of that year, he grew to a healthy 150 pounds and by November, he approached near 400 pounds. He's a fully grown boy now, and his favorite activities are hanging out in mud wallows and climbing on his mom, even at his current size at over 1000 pounds.

Andatu still continues to grow and live well with his mother in Indonesia's Way Kambas National Park. neoRhino is proud to sponsor him annually to keep him strong and healthy and to assist IRF with the conservation of the Sumatran Rhino. To learn more about Andatu and about the IRF's cause, visit the International Rhino Foundation's website at

You can check out Andatu's personal page for more on how you can help him personally here. But we shall leave you with a video IRF provided us of Andatu on his third birthday having a blast.