Abstract shield shapeBackground:

Leading provider of electro­plated coatings to the oilfield, power generation, and automotive industries had exponential growth and expanded into five (5) buildings. The company began running 24-Hour operations on three (3) shifts in order to sustain their new growth.


The client had a current IT provider that assisted in setting up the initial infrastructure and a basic camera set up for perimeter security of their five (5) buildings. The Client’s current solution did not have enough capacity to comprehensively survey their facility along with their emerging challenges. These challenges included: poor employee performance, low productivity, and delayed completion during the Graveyard Shift in particular. The Client needed a comprehensive camera solution with zoom capabilities in order to accurately monitor employees running the production line on the Graveyard Shift.


neoRhino devised a strategy to provide the Client a two-phase comprehensive solution to ensure total and accurate coverage of the production lines. We put in place a Safety & Observation Camera solution that provided comprehensive coverage of all employees and various production lines in Real-Time for safety and productivity. neoRhino conducted multiple Site Surveys, designed and implemented the solution over the course of three (3) weeks. This exceeded the expectations of the client because the project was so large the client didn’t believe that their 112,500-sq. ft. facility spread out across five (5) buildings could be wired for cameras and go live in such a short time frame. Needless to say, the client was ecstatic with the delivery timeline.

Business Impact:

This solution has had one of the quickest ROIs and positive impacts on the company’s business after the project was completed. Management now had the ability to observe all employees running the various production lines in real-time. This allowed Management the ability to verify production numbers versus what their production line employees were doing. The Client has seen a 100% increase in productivity numbers for their Graveyard Shift, which became the most profitable shift in their business, as well as a 40% overall productivity increase.


Months after the Safety & Observation Camera implementation, the client has been able to better track their production numbers and have put in place protocols to maximize employee efficiency for production and safety. The Safety & Observation Camera project was so beneficial to the Client’s bottom line that they referred neoRhino’s expertise to a couple of their most profitable clients.

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