Premier Property Management Company for Houston and Dallas that owns and operates commercial office properties since 1984 had great success in operations and began expanding in various cities and markets.


The Client had an antiquated analog PBX system that inter-connected to 21 sites. The phone system reached End-of-Life status and started deteriorating in call quality and reliability. A concern arose that if the system failed, with no redundancy in place, the business would be dead in the water. The PBX lacked any of the newer features introduced in the last few years through the advent of Voice over Internet Protocol. Finally, as the Client’s business continued to grow it started to get more cumbersome to deploy phones and procure analog lines through traditional telephony carriers due to their red tape and delay in deliverables.


neoRhino devised a custom VoIP solution that contained two (2) servers for High Availability and redundancy in a 1U (Single Rack Unit) server configuration. The VoIP PBX solution that neoRhino deployed comes feature-rich standard, unlike many other VoIP PBX offerings from the likes of ShoreTel, CISCO, and Avaya. This solution significantly exceeded the expectations of the Client because they now have features that were not available before, their PBX has High Availability and resiliency built-in for long term and they have the ability to rapidly deploy new offices and locations.

Business Impact:

After completion of the project, the Client has already started to experience cost savings due to the reduced footprint from the custom PBX in their datacenter. During the design phase, neoRhino opted to go with a 1U (Single Rack Unit) configuration for the server instead of the standard 2U (Two Rack Unit) server configuration required from other PBX’s vendors. This reduction in overhead coupled with the scalability and deployment capabilities of VoIP has significantly improved the Client’s ability to grow and deploy users to new locations.


Months after the Enterprise VoIP PBX implementation, the Client has added four (4) new sites under their umbrella in a matter of days instead of weeks. The CIO now has the ability to review logs, monitor calls, receive voicemails as .wav files via email, and other telephony features that were unavailable to him and his team in the past. The Enterprise VoIP PBX project was such a benefit to the Client’s bottom line that they have referred neoRhino to several of their tenants at properties they own.

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