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The Client had just replaced their Director of Information Technology and provided him with zero staff or resources three (3) weeks before going live at a nationally televised event and the Event Sponsor (Death Star Logo) that promised to deliver Internet Connectivity was unable to. The lack of connectivity was exacerbated by the need to deliver service to the various sections of the mobile venue from the new point of demarcation.


neoRhino responded quickly by reaching out to local resources in order to deliver internet service then architect a network from scratch on the fly for connectivity to the various sections of the venue. A local ISP vendor was brought on-site immediately to conduct a site survey and evaluate if their fiber was physically available on utility poles nearby. neoRhino made explicitly clear to the ISP vendor the urgency and gravity of promising connectivity to this client and not delivering. Fortunately, due to the ongoing relationship with our local ISP, we were able to deliver connectivity to the client in less than 72 hours from signing of the service agreement. Next we deployed our expert cabling team to run CAT5E cable and fiber to the various sections of the venue from the new point of demarcation delivered by the new ISP. Finally, due to the Client having limited resources for IT during the event, neoRhino provided a Network Engineer to be on-site during all three (3) days of the event to preemptively prevent technical difficulty.

Business Impact:

neoRhino’s ability to provide our knowledge, skill set, and resources to the Client had a direct impact on the success of their multi-day star-studded event. The Client’s partner and event sponsor’s inability to deliver connectivity within the allotted timeline could have been detrimental to the success of the venue. However, neoRhino was able to come through and all three (3) days of the event went off without a hitch.


The three (3) day concert event occurred exceptionally; the musicians and various vendors were provided with segregated networks for privacy and security. Connectivity was available to the entire staff coordinating the event and successfully hosted 9,000+ people a night for three (3) straight days. After completion of the event and subsequent tear-down of infrastructure, the Client was so pleased with the results that they preemptively contracted neoRhino for their Super Bowl LII Venue for 2018 in Minneapolis.

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