If you are still having a bit of difficulty adapting to working from home as we overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, you are not alone. It will take time to properly adjust to having no commute and communicating through a webcam as we have discussed previously, but here are 10 MORE Useful Tips for Working from Home.

  1. Have a daily routine. You may have already embraced your new work commute (or lack of) and now have some much-needed time added to your day. However, take that time to have a jump-start routine of sorts before it’s time to log on for the day. Do some light exercise. Have a bowl of cereal. Listen to a podcast. Keep a routine of what gets you pumped and ready to tackle the day.
  2. Get your full night’s sleep. However, with that extra time you have gained, you may be tempted to stay up late. You may think you’re getting more accomplished, but your body has most likely adjusted to your daily work schedule before needing to work from home. Don’t disrupt that schedule.
  3. Ask for help when you need it. Being able to turn to a co-worker to ask for help is something that may be missed when working from home. Not only that, you might feel a bit distraught if you’re stuck in a project and feel you can’t easily reach out for assistance. With modern communication tools, its easier than ever to do so. Reach out through your application of choice if you need any help, such as Microsoft Teams. Don’t ever feel like you shouldn’t just because you are apart from the office.
  4. Take your breaks outside sporadically. Taking scheduled breaks is highly recommended when working from home but periodically take your breaks outside. It’s good to get a bit of fresh air and a change of pace. Taking a quick 5-minute walk outside (while maintaining social distancing, of course) can be a big help to clear your head and return to work refreshed.
  5. Use a separate phone number for your office. Do you have a company-provided cellphone? If not, it can stressful if you are using your personal phone for business calls. If you can, having a strictly voice-only phone line to send your business calls can help you further separate work from personal matters. You can also utilize VoIP services as Skype or Google Voice to have a temporary number while away from the office.
  6. Use your home’s smart devices as a reminder. Many of use Alexa, Google, or Siri to assist us in our daily tasks. Why not utilize them for your work tasks as well? If you’ve found Outlook reminders for certain duties are not enough to keep you on task, then using your smart devices as an extra reminder can further help you focus and to keep track of your meetings throughout the day.
  7. Be active in your meetings. This especially rings true for larger meetings. When doing meetings virtually, it can be hard to “read the room” or to fully know who all is paying attention. When you’re in a meeting, be sure to participate and be lively when contributing so the attendees know you are there. Something as simple as a thank you to the attendees goes a long way.
  8. Take sick days when you need to. You may be working from home but that doesn’t mean you should push yourself if you are feeling ill. It’s okay to take a sick day if you need to and let your co-workers know about your health situation. Trying to force yourself just because you are home can possibly slow down your recovery time. Step away from the desk and rest if you need to.
  9. Further educate yourself during downtime. If you are experiencing extended downtime while working from home, it’s a great idea to further educate yourself in your profession when you can. Check with your organization or supervisors if there are any certifications that you may need or training courses that you may have put off in the past. Now is a good time to catch up.
  10. Be positive! It’s easy to fall in a state of despair when working extended time away from the office. The demeanor you are used to in the office may be different in a virtual chat room than they may be in your main conference room. You might even see changes in your own tone from being away for so long. This is why it is so crucial to stay in good communication with your co-workers while you are apart, not just for work-duties, but just in shooting the breeze can help you stay positive until things go back to normal.

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