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Remote Managed Services

neoRhino's Remote Managed Services (RMS) is an all-in-one security suite that once deployed offers a collection of tools to ensure that your workstation is actively monitored, protected and secured by neoRhino’s expert team of engineers and consultants. With the rapid rise of cyber-attacks such as WannaCry and Petya affecting networks and workstations worldwide, we wanted to push our already world-class security protection to the next level.

Remote Managed Services can benefit anyone from the everyday desk associate to the migrant workhorses on the go, to the CEO.  With so many online threats wreaking havoc, an untrained eye or an inconspicuous email can be your biggest threat. Having a solution such as RMS protecting you and your employees is always a wise decision. Branch offices, telecommuters, off-site backup servers and in-house servers can all benefit. Users only need access to broadband internet and our Helpdesk Technicians can help resolve your technical issues, even halfway around the world.

What’s included in our Remote Managed Services package?

Anti-Virus (AV), we will find the right anti-virus solution for you, implement across all desired workstations and as your trusted MSP, we will ensure that your AV protection is constantly up to date against the newest threats.

No Anti-Virus solution is 100%. If something were to get past your defenses, our Post-Infection Remediation (PIR) system alerts us and we can typically resolve the detected problem remotely based on the threat level detected. If the workstation needs to be physically removed from the network and cleaned, we will travel on-site to remove the infection on the workstation(s). *

Our Security Operation Center (SOC) will actively monitor your workstations and provide AV reports. When an infection attempt occurs, you will be notified when this happens and the infection will be resolved in the background typically.

Web Filtering is available at your request, we can disable websites that your workforce does not need access to: time wasters, online shopping, YouTube, Facebook, etc. We can whitelist and blacklist desired websites and your customized lists can be changed at any time.

We can easily restore files and workstations by a backup via either a local, cloud or hybrid backup solution. These backups can range from twice a day to once every 30 minutes, but are tailored to your business needs.

* Physical removal of workstation(s) may incur an additional fee.

But just what kind of malicious attacks can our security package shield your business against? Find out more about Malicious Attacks here.

Remote Managed Services saves you money by utilizing technology where daily, weekly and monthly IT tasks can be automated and scheduled to ensure everything is completed and reported consistently without fail. We provide proactive support that eliminates the need of calling and waiting for the “IT guy”. Potential issues and problems are prevented or resolved often within minutes instead of hours.

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