Discovering that your company's sensitive data may be available on the dark web can be quite frightening. But how can that happen? Through hacked passwords.

Did you know that 25% of all business employees with computer access are using one password for all their logins? What happens if that user on your team falls for a phishing scam and their password is compromised? Those login credentials could then appear on the Dark Web to be exploited by hackers to gain access to your network. It only takes one incident to become a big problem.

What do you do?

neoRhino proudly introduces Security Awareness Training (SAT): a cybersecurity training program that is INCLUDED with our Remote Managed Services (RMS) package. Our SAT team is here to arm you with knowledge you need to stay vigilant against cyber-attacks.

Included in our SAT package is a FREE Dark Web Scan, where our agents perform a deep scan on your company's domain to see if any of your employees, past and present, have been involved in any publicized password hacks and help you develop a plan for action.

Our SAT program also includes:

  • Custom-Tailored Online Cybersecurity training powered by KnowBe4
  • On-Site Cybersecurity Training Sessions *
  • Simulated Phishing Attacks of various difficulty levels
  • Gamification to determine your problematic users
  • Monthly Assessments on your staff's performance and Risk level

neoRhino’s Security Awareness Training program empowers fellow businesses to be more cyber-aware than ever before. For more details about the SAT Program and to sign up today, visit our website at or contact our account managers at 281-779-4830.

* On-Site SAT sessions are limited to the Houston, TX area but will also be available virtually to attend as well.